The Best Types of Fabric for Your Baby’s Baptism Dresses


Traditional baptism dresses have always been made from the best fabrics available, thus these dresses last longer than the department store kind and can even be handed down from one generation to the next. There are plenty of good fabrics that can be used baptism dresses for babies, but each kind has its own advantage and disadvantage. If you’re planning to go all out on your baby’s baptism dress and stray away from mass produced ones, it’s very important to know a thing or two about the fabrics traditionally used for these kinds of garments. This knowledge makes planning very easy and is also very important if you plan to keep the Christening dress as an heirloom for future generations. Here are some common fabrics that are great for baptism dresses:


Baby's Baptism Dresses

Baby's Baptism Dresses

The best baby clothes are made from cotton, because it is a breathable fabric making it very comfortable for your baby to wear. The same goes with using cotton for your baby’s dress. Baptism dresses made of cotton are generally strong and can be kept for future generations. Although cotton fabrics wrinkle and do not have the added sheen and drama like silk fabrics, stains can be easily removed.


Silk is a luxury fabric and is also comfortable for baby’s skin. However, it is not as strong as cotton fabric and yellows in time. Although not as strong as cotton, it can still last a long time with proper care. Stain removal on silk can be very difficult. Unlike cotton, silk has a gorgeous sheen and baptism dresses made from it can look fabulous and dainty even without intricate designs.


Linen is another good and elegant choice for baptism dresses. It can be used comfortably by babies because it is allows good circulation. It is also a very strong fabric and can last for plenty of generations. Although the fabric may yellow over time, it can easily be whitened by washing it with laundry soap and non – chlorine bleach.

Knowing the pros and cons of each type of fabric makes planning, design and preparation a very easy task to do. With this knowledge, you can be sure that your baby’s baptism dress is one with style and great comfort.

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