Baptism Gowns – How to Keep and Store Them


A child’s baptism, dedication, naming or blessing is a very sentimental event, which is why most families would like to keep remembrances and items from that day. One of these remembrances are baptism gowns which, when kept and stored properly, can become treasured heirlooms that can be passed on from one generation to the next. Keeping and passing on one baptism gown for your children, grandchildren and great – grandchildren to use can be a very great tradition for a family. It is one practice that will surely evoke precious memories. But before embarking on your heirloom tradition, you first need to know how to properly keep and store baptism gowns in order for them to last for years.

Write Down Your History

Baptism Gowns - How to Keep and Store Them

Baptism Gown

Before everything else, you can start by creating a short history for this new piece of heirloom. Write down who purchased or gave it, who used it and when it was used. Photos or lists of people who were part of the event can also be included. You can write these down on a small journal that you can keep along with the gown.

Clean the Christening Suits Right Away

It is very important to protect your heirloom immediately after use. After the Baptism or Christening ceremony, the gown should be instantly taken care of so that stains from dust, dirt, food or beverage can easily be removed. Most baptismal gowns or dresses can go into the washing machine, but some need to be dry cleaned. Make sure that you fully follow the washing instructions on the label and wash the item according to its specification.

Storing the Baptism Gown

Before storing the gown, make sure that it is fully clean and is not damaged. Keep it away from too much heat, light and humidity. Putting your child’s gown inside an heirloom preservation bag will keep it clean and safe from contact with chemicals or other items that may damage or stain the gown. Even when the gown is already inside the preservation bag, it is a good thing to place it away from items that can be harmful such as glues, adhesive labels and tapes, pins, needles and clips, markers or pens, acidic wood and paper. It is also a good to check on stored baptism clothes every now and then, just to make sure that they are in proper shape. When planning to do so with your baptism outfit, just make sure that the shift from humidity and temperature is not that drastic in order to avoid damage to the gown. Keeping the item in check from time to time will help you ensure that the gown is in proper shape and condition.

When kept and stored properly, baptism gowns can be safely protected for the years to come.

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