Christening Clothes – Should They Always Be White?


For years, traditional christening clothes have always been made out of the fine fabric like silk, linen or cotton. It has been a tradition for infants to wear white on their christening. White has been a famous choice because it symbolizes the purity and youth of the infant being baptized. This, however, is not compulsory; although some churches provide white baptism bibs and coats for rent. For parents who want to go beyond the traditional, there are plenty of other colors that can be used for baby’s christening clothes. There are no specific rules on color choice, although black should be avoided. Usually, when another color other than white is used, there is another color or a special meaning behind it.

Ideal Colors

White Christening Clothes

White Christening Clothes

Usually, pastel colors are used as substitute for white. This is mainly because pastels are also closer to white and look good on babies. Pastel colors also make the fabric lighter, and thus, more comfortable for the wearer. Christening clothes and accessories can be pastel or light blue, pink, green, yellow and peach. The main dress can also be white with colored trimmings and design, while the accessories can be the color of the design.

Color According To Gender & Symbol

Usually, parents will have their baby girls wear pink, yellow or peach and blue or green christening clothes for most baby boys. The theme and design for most christening parties also depend on the gender of the baby, and the parents’ preferred colors. There are also sentimental reasons for choosing the color of christening clothes. Blue or pink may have a special symbol for the wearer or the family. This choice, again, depends on the parents or the family of the wearer.

Christening clothes do not necessarily have to be white. The choice to use white or other colors for christening clothes is a subjective matter and depends on the parents of the infant to be christened. Some churches or parishes may be strict in requiring white christening clothes so it is best to make sure about it first before choosing another color for the baby.

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