Men’s Linen Pants – Your Best Choice for Beach Weddings


Finding something to wear for beach wedding can be quite a task as a groom, but you can never go wrong with men’s linen pants. The thing is, you can easily choose something to wear for formal weddings as there are plenty of suits, ties and pants to choose from. Choosing what to wear for garden and beach weddings can be difficult, however. However tempting it is to wear shorts to the wedding, it is still important to keep the occasion as elegant as possible, regardless of how casual it is. That’s why men’s linen pants are the perfect solution to your outfit problems. Men’s linen pants are perfect for outdoor weddings such as beach and garden weddings.

Why Men’s Linen Pants

Men's Linen Pants - Beach Weddings

Men's Linen Pants - Beach Weddings

As a groom, you need to wear something at least a bit formal, even if it is in a more casual setting. This is why beach weddings call for long pants. However, you may seem a bit out of place if you wear your regular black pants. Aside from the fact that it does not fit in the scenario, it may also be too hot for the beach a pair of jeans is not formal at all. Men’s linen pants are good to use because they still retain the formality of long pants, but is casual as well. It is light and breathable, so you don’t have to worry about sweaty legs during the occasion

Men’s Linen Pants Colors

There are white men’s linen pants, which are absolutely perfect for weddings. Be careful if you wear them to garden weddings as dirt on the ground may soil your pants. Light colored linen pants are also good for weddings. You can get them at light blue, brown and green.

What to Pair with It?

For more formality, you can purchase a whole linen suit set, which comes with its own linen suit and pants. You can also pair the pants with a white long sleeved linen shirt. Leather slip – ons are perfect for outdoor weddings, but if you plan to get wet during the ceremony (i.e. toss each other in the pool or sea), then rubber flip – flops of the same color as your pants ought to do the trick.

Looking good at your beach or outdoor wedding is just as important as looking good at a church wedding, and you can never go wrong with men’s’ linen pants.

Photo by Andrea Peverali.

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