Mens Skinny Jeans: What’s Best for You!


Men’s skinny jeans have been popular ever since Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme sent out his ultra slim jeans in 1999. Even after 10 years, the trend has not gone away and continues to be a huge hit. Male skinny jeans are now even easier to find almost everywhere! So for the rock star wannabes, here are the different styles of men’s skinny jeans that are not only figure-hugging but also trendy in a way.


Mens Skinny Jeans

Mens Skinny Jeans

Unlike the usual rock-fan skinny type of skinny jeans for men, this one looks like the normal jeans men wear, only that it’s cut is straighter and it is ankle length. It is relaxed and slim, so for those who are heavier and have large thighs, this one is the best for you.


From the name itself, this type of men’s skinny jeans comes in different shades that highlights the upper, lower or even both parts of the jeans depending on the wearer’s preference. It could also come in with variety of designs on the back pockets but kept to the minimum so as to avoid drawing attention to trouble parts.

Super Hip Style

You’re probably way cooler than any old school style but using this type of men’s skinny jeans, a concrete block to mix in something masculine to the look is a good pair. A lumberjack flannel shirt or anything alike could best work for this.

Whatever works best for you, take note that these skinny leg jeans should be worn in the proper places and right occasion. In addition, make your look simple and slim shoes should be used. Most importantly, please wear men’s skinny jeans, not your sister’s skinny jeans or your girlfriends! You don’t want to draw unwanted attention. You want to be trendy, not everybody’s laughing stock.

Photo by restlessglobetrotter.

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