Sexy Exotic Dancewear: How to Make Sure They Don’t Fall Off


Dancing, especially when it’s done gracefully, is very much entertaining to look at. Wearing a sexy exotic dancewear while dancing gracefully to the tune of a sexy beat is not only seductive and hot but also very sensual! But wait, how do we make sure that the moment isn’t ruined? How do we make sure they don’t fall off? Here are some points to remember.

Right Fit

Sexy Exotic Dancewear

Sexy Exotic Dancewear

Dancers have varying body types and even if a sexy exotic dancewear best suits the type of song you’re going to perform to, the right fit should be considered, all the time. If the dancewear doesn’t fit well, then look for another design that’s close to the one you’ve chosen. Believe me; it would not only spare you from moving uncomfortably but also from humiliation.

Double Check the Exotic Dance Wear

Now that you have the sexy exotic dance wear that perfectly fits your body, try to double check the seam lines, threads and all the other accessories attached to the dancewear including beads and sequins to make sure that they don’t fall off.

Exotic Apparel Design

You’d be thinking why the design has something to do with making sure that the exotic dancewear doesn’t fall off. Tell you what, if the design of the dancewear isn’t made exactly for splitting, the tendency is that the fabric will tear apart in the middle or crotch area and we wouldn’t want that to happen! NEVER! Or if your dance moves requires a lot of stretching that involves the upper part of the body then having a women’s dancewear that’s sleeveless or with an open back would give the dancer an easier time moving around.

There are still a lot of things to consider in making sure that a sexy exotic dancewear doesn’t fall off but really, even if you’ve got the nicest dancewear, if the dancer isn’t graceful enough then the overall look is useless.

Photo by sh0dan.

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