Mother of the Groom Dresses: Choosing The Perfect One For You


Weddings are one of those special days in our lives, and if it happens to be your son’s wedding, then you need to stand out but also make sure that you don’t upstage the bride or her mother. Mother of the groom dresses is crucial and one should take time and effort in choosing mother of the groom’s dress. If you are the mother of the groom, you need to be formal but at the same time comfortable.


Mother of the Groom Dresses

Mother of the Groom Dresses

Coordination is one of the key factors in choosing mother of the groom outfits. One should talk to the mother of the bride also to know what kind of dress she’ll be wearing and so giving you an idea but not necessarily matching with hers. An example could be is that if she’s planning to wear a more casual outfit like a shirt combined with a blazer or a printed sweater for an outdoor wedding then perhaps you can wear a simple dress. Avoid outfits that are baggy and makes you look 10 years older than you really are. Also, the look that you want to create should be occasion appropriate, so you have to see to it that colors like off white, ivory or even tan won’t be included in the list of colors that you’re choosing from.

Mother of the Groom Gowns: Where To Shop?

If you already have an idea on what to wear, list it down and start looking for the possible wardrobe at the nearest local department stores for your convenience. You can also go for boutiques that sells casual dresses or for a more specific outfit, you can check out the bridal salons. If you are running out of options because you are either too picky or the designs aren’t just available in your area then you can opt for online shops. Shopping through legitimate sites is recommendable.

Lastly, mother of the groom dresses should complement to the motif of the rest of the bridal party. We don’t want you to come off as someone who wants to attend a funeral event, or a board room meeting. After all, this is a BIG DAY not only for you but most especially to your son’s.

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