Prom Suits: From Boys to Men


My date for prom had on a tuxedo with a dark blue bow-tie. His prom suit was both unique and unexpected. All the other boys seemed underdressed in simple coat and tie. Most girls don’t remember what their date had on… I still remember how his jacket felt under my hands. It was a truly memorable night. Dinner and dancing with my very own James Bond, who could forget an evening like that?

What’s with the hype?

Prom Suits

Prom Suits

Any high school senior or junior can tell you how important prom is in the general scheme of things. Careful and conscientious planning goes into the preparation for that night. Both male and female participants go all-out with their appearance, plans for transportation, memorabilia and after-prom parties. It is the night when young people get to experience what it would be like going to a fancy shindig that didn’t include relatives and poufy white dresses. This time they are the ones decked out in all their prom finery. Cocktail dresses, jewelry and corsages are out in full force for the girls. Penguin-er-prom suits and boutonnieres are seen on the boys as they transition into young men.

Standard Stuff

Boys usually go through a less stringent process in the selection of prom suits. Basically the standard is a dark coat, pants and a polo shirt that matches their date’s dress. They can also add a tie for good measure, but usually this ends up getting tossed to the side during the more energetic dance routines that are also standard fare at a prom.

A few words of wisdom

A Congo line or two could break out and prom suits get rumpled and crushed in the melee. To lessen the charges when you bring back a rental, as most kids prefer not to invest in such finery so early on, try to keep your prom suit as simple and low-maintenance as possible. Only the very brave and extremely conscientious should go for the all-white except for the tie ensemble as this choice could lead to disastrous lipstick smears and food stains.

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