Wedding Dress Patterns: Scrimp on Anything but This


Wedding dress patterns are anything but simple. Yes, there are a gazillion options out there for the rare bride who would opt for a store-bought dress… but really, let’s face facts here, every bride’s ultimate dream is to walk down the aisle in her perfect dress and no one else’s. In short, it has to be unique, elegant, over-the-top and totally runway-er-aisle-ready. Here are a few facts that prospective brides should know before visiting their preferred modiste.

Let’s talk skirts

Wedding Dress Patterns

Wedding Dress Patterns

The most utilized wedding dress pattern for skirts is the A-line. It is simple, classic and gives the illusion of a streamline shape to bottom-heavy brides. A romantic take on this skirt is the princess line which is like A-line but with visible soft folds which add a luxurious feel.

The ball gown is the typical skirt of a Cinderella-like wedding dress pattern. Usually made of tulle or taffeta, the skirt is voluminous in appearance and usually requires a hoop underneath for support.

The Basque waist is a v-waistline as a demarcation between the skirt and the top of the dress.

What about those sleeves?

Cap sleeves are half-sleeves that cap the shoulder and terminate just below the shoulder joint. It is a simple solution advisable for fashion-conscious brides who will be having church weddings. The priest will usually require an extra bolero or shawl to be added to the dress in order conform to church rules regarding wedding dress patterns.

The Juliet sleeve is a sleeve with a small puff at the shoulder which then cinches right below the shoulder joint and continues in an arm-fitting design to the cuff.

The poet is a romantic sleeve type which is fitted at the upper arms and begins to widen toward the cuff. The cuff is usually extended beyond the fingers.

There are hundreds of different wedding dress patterns and combinations out there. But what it ultimately boils down to is the look in the groom’s eye when his bride walks down the aisle. That’s the reaction we all wait for.

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