Maternity Leggings: Mommy Do? Mommy Don’t?


When you’re pregnant, the last thing you want to worry about is your clothes not fitting you or-horrors-looking like a fat cow with the not-so-helpful aid of humongous dresses. This is where maternity leggings come through for you. From that garter panel attached to your favorite pair of jeans to the voluminous duster (a long dress designed to hide one’s body) that has you feeling like a whale instead of a desirable woman, there aren’t a lot of choices for beautiful women who want to be comfortable yet fashionable while carrying a child.

Maternity Leggings

Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings not only fit women well, their elastic properties help hide a multitude of sins. There is a wide-range of options available in the market and the only trick here is finding the right pair of maternity leggings for you.

Conservative Mama

Tired of the same old baby doll dresses that the well-meaning keep buying you unmindful of the uncomfortable draft down below? Seriously, if you can’t see your legs, why should other people have access to them? Maternity leggings help ensure that your modesty is intact while also adding understated elegance to your ensemble. A classic trench coat paired with maternity leggings, pearls and the uber-comfortable Crocs Prima is totally chichi. Jennifer Lopez looked beautiful in a blue H&M coat and black leggings in an NYC outing while pregnant with twins, Emma and Max.

Bohemian Mommy

Paparazzi darling and resident Hollywood la femme boheme, Nicole Richie, recently joined the ranks of motherhood. During her pregnancy she rocked the slim jeans and leggings trend with her usual bohemian flair. As any self-respecting expecting mother knows, flowing maxi dresses and flower child blouses are di rigeur as future-mommy wear. Maternity leggings with their solid and conservative colors help ground the flowery trend. This reality narrows the playing field but with celebrities like Nicole Richie at the helm of the mommy fashion trend-setters and the many enterprising entrepreneurs out there, we can be sure to see newer versions of the maternity leggings on the fabulous appendages of Hollywood’s leading ladies.

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