Maternity Suits: Why Can’t I Dress Like a Winner?


When I think of being blessed enough to someday bring my child into the world, I always picture my maternity suit as this classy, black-and-white ensemble that proclaims me as the newest contender for Mommy of the Year. I want to look calm, elegant and completely put-together even when reality couldn’t be further from the truth. I mean, nothing could be more monumental than the bringing of life into the world, right? Why not dress up for it, even if your dress is a maternity suit?

Maternity Suit

Maternity Suit

Like many of you, I have come to depend on Google for the latest on-ditz in fashion, celebrity gossip and other seemingly relevant news that are totally irrelevant to my own life. When I began to think of what it would be like to be a mother, I decided to do some research into the fashion choices that would be available to me when that day arrived.

What’s out there?

The lack of pretty choices was simply appalling. I visited several sites where maternity suits meant dowdy RN-type pantsuits. I’m sure the pickings are better on the designer side of the pond, but where are they??? It makes a girl want to start up her own maternity fashion line. Heaven knows I have enough friends who are nearing that particular point in their lives.

What I Was Expecting about Expecting

Motherhood is supposed to be this time in a woman’s life where she feels the most fulfilled and is therefore blooming all the time, aside from the morning sickness and swollen ankles… you’re supposed to feel pretty darn good. I was imagining beautiful floral dresses with wide-brimmed sun-hats, lounging on the chaise with unlimited access to ice tea and ice cream. My maternity suit was supposed to be a mix of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn styling. I don’t want to sign on for anything less than that. Yes, I know. Spoken like a true-blue single.

With all that said, I shall continue the search for my maternity suit. At least I’ll know I tried.

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