Maternity Support Belt – Just What Every Pregnant Woman Needs


It is an unfortunate truth that back pain happens to be a common symptom for plenty of pregnant women. Exercise can provide relief for this, but using a maternity support belt can also help and provide additional benefits. The belt was created to provide support for pregnant women’s bellies, as they do become heavy and start to feel too tight as pregnancy progresses. Pregnancy support belts come in different shapes and sizes, colors and designs. There are those that simply lift pregnant bellies in order to relieve that tugging sensation, other belts compress ligaments that feel too lax. Some belts are great for exercising, while others are meant for general everyday support.

The Benefits of Wearing Maternity Support Belt

Maternity Support Belt

Maternity Support Belt

Wearing a maternity support belt helps reduce lower back pain, reduces pressure excerted on the bladder, decreases swelling and varicose veins, improves pelvic region circulation, prevents pre – term contractions and provides maximum support and comfort during exercise. These support belts allw you to continue with your daily routine even during the last stages of pregnancy, without having to experience excruciating back pain associated with pregnancy.

Types and Designs

All maternity support belts have been constructed in such a way that it allows air to circulate around the stomach. Some belts are thin and sit just right below the belly. Others, called support bands look like tube tops that cover the entire stomach. Some support belts are wider at the back, providing maximum back support . Most of them come in different sizes and can be adjusted to accommodate an expanding belly. They are designed to look discreet, and can be worn even under tight clothes.

Although exercise can alleviate back pain, there’s nothing like having a good back up on the side. A pregnancy support belt provides you with comfort and support while you go through pregnancy. Maternity support belts help you say goodbye to pregnancy related aches and pains, so you have more time to prepare for your upcoming baby.

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