Swim in Style With a Maternity Tankini


Swimming is one of the best exercises for pregnant women, and you can look good and feel good while swimming by using a maternity tankini. There’s no denying it, putting on a swimsuit can be difficult on a normal day, and it’s even tougher when you’re expecting. Regular swimsuits like bikinis and sexy one pieces may now be too revealing and may not offer much support to your expanding frame, but regular one – pieces may also be plain boring. There are two pieces swimsuits for pregnant women which provide better top and bottom support than regular bikinis. But if you’re a bit reluctant about revealing too much, you can opt for a maternity tankini.

What Is A Maternity Tankini

Maternity Tankini

Maternity Tankini

A maternity tankini is also a two piece suit. But in the place of a bikini bra, you get a spaghetti or halter top that covers most of your belly bump. Maternity tankinis differ from regular tankinis by their size and the support they provide. Bottoms usually have full coverage and tops usually have built – in shelf bras.

The Tankini Comfort

One of the best things about tankinis is that it provides maximum comfort. Maternity tankinis do away with coverage and support worries. You can simply put it on and not worry about it because you know it will stay right in place.

Tankini Swimsuits Designs

These maternity bathing suitsĀ  also come in different designs and colors, and are far from boring. Tankini tops can be strapless, halter, racer back, spaghetti strap. Some maternity tankini tops are long, while some are short and show a little belly. They come in different colors and rangre from sporty designs to elegant ones.

Because of it’s popularity, looking for a comfortable and stylish maternity tankini is no longer a problem. Plenty of swimwear companies have added the maternity tankini to their line and they can now be found in malls, department stores and in online shops!

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