All You Need To Know About Designer Leather Jackets


Designer leather jackets are among the most popular items all around the world. This is because they are durable, safe and can be worn basically in an weather and any season. Because of this, they don’t really go out of fashion; this is also due to the fact that most designer jackets areĀ  classically tailored ones. Designer jackets are quite expensive, but it is worth having one in our wardrobes because they stand the test of time and the changes of fashion.

The Designer Jacket Style

Designer Leather Jackets

Designer Leather Jackets

The designer leather jackets’ style and ideas almost all are coming from those countries where leather is widely used and popular such as Italy, Turkey, Pakistan and Morocco.

On the style and color of the designer leather jacket, all that can be said is that there is the classical way of tailoring (usually hip or thigh length), the long leather jacket (ankle length) andĀ  the motorcyclist way (hip -length) of tailoring. These are among the most famous styles of leather jackets.

On the colors, the most classical widely worn color is definitely black. The other famous shade is the dirty-dark used brown. Then basically all the others can come from the white to the deep red, which is especially popular for women.

Designer Leather Jacket vs. Motorcycle Jacket

A designer leather jacket might look like the real motor biker’s jacket, but only in style. It does not contain all the additional material used for safety reasons of the latter one. Thus it is usually worn more for the way it looks, and not for its purpose. So if you’re looking for a jacket to use for motorcycling, then you’re better off with purchasing a motorcycle jacket than a designer leather jacket.

Remember that designer leather jackets cost more on the pockets than regular leather jackets, but you can be sure that because of its quality and durability, your purchase is well worth it.

Photo by Alaskan Dude.

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