Brave The Weather With That Perfect Long Down Coat


When it’s snowing and cold oustide, it’s just nice to stay at home under those heated blankets. However, there are times when reality does not permit this, and requires you to go out and brave the biting cold. Wearing a long down coat, whether made from duck or geese down, can be a lifesaver during these situations. Most long down coats used to be bulky, making it unflattering to wear, especially for women who were fashion conscious. Plenty of clothing brands and long down coat manufacturers have taken this into consideration,though, and have developed long down coats that are now smaller and sleeker, but still providing that essential warmth – perfect for people who want warmth and comfort, while still being consciousn about fashion.

All Sizes Available

Long Down Coat

Long Down Coat

Long down coats come in all sizes – so you don’t have to worry about not being able to fit in one. Some companies specialize in hard to find petite or plus sizes. When you choose one, you need to make sure there’s allowance underneath for those bulky sweaters that you also need to wear. Choose a long down coat that’s one size bigger than your regular size to provide that allowance.

Mid to Maxi Legnth

Long down coats vary in legnth. Some coats only reach up to the knees, making mobility easy. These short coats can be paired with warm pants or jeans. Some long down coats also reach mid – calf in legnth, and these provide better warmth protection than knee legnth coats. For the best protection possible, try a long down coat that’s up to the ankles. You’ll find yourself covered and warm from neck to feet! Ankle legnth long down coats, however, make moving slightly restrictive.

Whether for comfort, for fashion or a little mix of both, the long down coat is the perfect companion for outgoing and on – the – go people like you.

Photo by ashley serra.

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