Long Leather Coat: Baby Its Cold Outside


For the environmentally-conscious, faux leather is the way to go when choosing a long leather coat for the cold winter months. It lessens the guilt complex regarding the other animals that had to be slaughtered in order to keep human beings comfortably and chicly attired.

Our ancestors knew best

Long Leather Coat

Long Leather Coat

When the ice age hit, our ancestors depended on animal skins and furs to keep them from freezing to death. They noticed that animals had an easier go of it than humans due to their longer and more luxurious coats. Since it takes years to grow the kind of hair-protection that our ancestors needed, they decided that it wouldn’t hurt the animals much if they took a little of it for themselves. Back in those days, you took as much skin as you could and salvaged the rest of the kill for food. Waste not, want not. Of course, their use of long leather coats and fur was more for its practical use rather than the commercialized.

What is genuine leather?

It is an animal by-product taken primarily from cattle hide and on a lesser note from other animal skin. Long leather coats go through a stringent tanning, drying and dying process which ensures its suitability as human attire. It comes in a variety of colors, the main favorites being black and tan/beige.

For the environmentally-conscious

There are now a lot of options available to those who would want to desist from wearing or hurting animals for food and other needs. Environmentalist groups have advocated the use of petrochemicals to lead the market in the creation of synthetic leather products. Long leather coats can also be manufactured using vegan micro fibers which advocates tout as being built with strength and durability in mind. There is also the option of using fabric that has the appearance of leather but is more cost-effective and environmentally-safe.

Whether you opt for genuine leather or products that simulate the characteristics of a genuine long leather coat, don’t be afraid to go out there and see the plethora of options available.

Photo by conorwithonen.

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