Mens Duffle Coat: Keep Yourself Warm In Style


Mens duffle coat is another commonly used coat with British origins, such as all elegant yet durable, quality garments. Today it’s considered a typical student’s wear. Mens duffle coat which can also be called duffel coat is named by it’s material used and it’s preparation process. Duffle is a version of preparing the wool resulting in a thick material especially useful for cold weather.

The Origin of the Duffle Coat

The first men’s duffle coats were made in Great Britain in the end of 19th century, but the material itself comes from Belgium. It also bears military origins, as the first mens duffle coats were for military men, especially for the members of the Royal Navy. It’s color is mainly a darker shades of beige. It’s green variation is called Pea coat.

Several Styles

Mens Duffle Coat

Mens Duffle Coat

The several styles of mens duffle coats are the ones worn by college students, and are tailored with a tartan pattern on it’s coat lines. Or, it can also have a neck strap with buttons.

One famous and traditional feature of mens duffle coat is called the “walrus teeth”, which generally means the horn-toggle fastenings usually four of them attached to the coat by roped leather loops. These fastenings were invented especially for their easy usage when fastened or unfastened wearing gloves.

A normal duffle coat has two large outer pockets on both sides of the coat and they have covering flaps attached to them over the mouth of the pocket. As for it’s length, a mens duffle coat is usually a middle-length coat, covering the buttocks and hips well, usually knee-length or ends just over the knees, depending also on it’s wearer.

Most mens duffle coats also come with large hoods, offering enough space to wear with a cap.

An interesting feature of the duffle is that it produces a unique smoky smell when it gets wet by the rain.

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