Mens Pea Coat: Be Still, My Heart!


What could be sexier than a tall, dark and handsome man in freshly pressed knife-edge pants, leather shoes and a well-made men’s pea coat? His broad shoulders emphasized by the form-fitting double-breasted coat with wide lapels made for grabbing with both hands as you throw yourself in his arms for a passionate kiss at the end of a drawn-out, music-laden, Oscar-worthy moment. Ah yes, every woman’s dream man is most often attired in a beautifully-made coat signifying a return from a dangerous and often long absence. His adventurous allure and undeniable manliness are centered on his overall look, and a men’s pea coat is just one piece of outerwear that brings out the best in a man.

Adventurous Allure

Mens Pea Coat

Mens Pea Coat

The men’s pea coat brings to mind long summer evenings and the soft rocking of ocean waves against the sides of a wooden ship. And while the rush of a fast craft cutting through the sea can be exhilarating, one cannot forget the unpredictability of the ocean’s weather patterns and the violent squalls that descend upon unsuspecting vessels foolish enough to venture near nature’s most glorious show of power. Only the most adventurous and bravest of men take the opportunity ally themselves to the capricious whims of the sea, letting it rule their every waking thought and moment.

A Man’s man

Sailors, the original wearers of the men’s pea coat (navy pea coat) are the hardiest men on earth. Exuding mystery and aura of having seen the world, the typical sailor is burly and brusque. They don’t mince words. Neither does the typical man. The men’s pea jacket helps them exude an aura of authority and purpose, who could question him? A man as fashionable as models strutting on the runway who also manages to stay and look in-charge is a man’s man indeed.

A man in a men’s pea coat is an undeniable draw for women young and old. Some are attracted to the undeniable grit underneath the suave debonair surface… while others are drawn to the sensitive man within who isn’t afraid to be fashionable.

Photo by msciba.

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