Tan Leather Jackets: Ever Wonder How They’re Made?


First of all I feel I have to put something right concerning the tan leather jackets, because as I was surfing the net to see more photos of these fabulous jackets, I have found a general misunderstanding considering the word “tan”.

As I saw there are some who mean tan leather jacket for it’s method of leather preparation,  how it should meant to be. And there are some, who put the word tan for all light brown leather jackets, as meant to be for the sun kissed color of the skin.

What Is Tan Anyway?

Tan Leather Jacket

Tan Leather Jacket

Making a tan leather jacket in the old way is a really hard and long procedure serving for the complete preparation of the leather, also depending on it’s future usage. Today one of the most beautiful old style tanneries can be found in the Medina of Fez, one of the world’s main skin manufacturer cities. Tanning is what makes the leather a lot softer, and also gives it the ability to stretch lightly, as to move and form together with it’s wearer. There are many tanned types of leather in use, as nubuk or suede also  used to produce a tan leather jacket..

Tanning Procedure

Traditional tanning procedure comprises of the following steps: it consists of the leather preparation, then the actual tanning, then comes the retanning as a very important procedure. This is very important because this procedure gives the leather it’s future strength and stretch ability. Also, by this stage , the manufacturer will know what he will make out of that leather and carries on considering this decision, as the leather should possess different qualities for different usage.

Most types of tan leather jackets follow the classical form of motor biker’s jacket, their color vary between the warmer shades of  light brown

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