Adult Onesie: Tales from the Cradle


Talk about recapturing your childhood… the new fashion trend of adult onesies is viewed with either complete ridicule or bemusement.  Grown men and women parading around their bedroom in infantile outfits make one wonder if the fountain of youth is really all that spectacular.

Sure the outfits are cute and certain versions of it are certainly functional in nature if not aesthetically pleasing… but are we really prepared to embrace this particular new development in the sleepwear industry?

There are several versions of the onesie for the adult market. According to the function they serve, they are designed in different ways which allow adults to choose which onesie is right for them.

Diaper-in-hiding? Or Sleepless in Alaska?



One design is a short-sleeve onesie which fastens at the crotch area. This is designed to cover only the torso and functions as an undershirt for those who wear adult diapers and prefer this not to be seen by others as they bend over.

Another adult onesie is the full-length onesie with long sleeves and closed toes. This is mainly used for sleepwear and comes in a variety of designs from plain to striped versions. They also have patterns like cartoon ducks on a baby blue background. This was designed for maximum comfort. Some even have a back-flap which allows for easy bathroom going.

One adult onesie version has been designed with the function of keeping warm in mind. Called the sleeping bag onesie, it is padded and resembles a sleeping bag complete with zipper and obvious padding and insulation. It even comes with a hood.

In all its shapes and forms the adult onesie never fails to bring to mind the thought of children rolling around in cribs and diaper changes and sweet little faces scrunched up in sleep. Personally, I would prefer hauling a blankie around.

Photo by CharlotteSpeaks.

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