Sleep Soundly In A Silk Nightgown


I have always thought that a silk nightgown is the most romantic and deluxe evening wear ever which every woman have to have, and those of us who don’t have it, for sure dream of having one beautiful set of a silk nightgown just as we see the actresses in the films.

Silk Nightgown Variations

The variations for the outlook of a silk nightgown as for style and color are endless. There are the long ones for the women who prefer the classical way, and there are the short ones which are more practical to have, but for sure, if you have a silk nightgown, then you have to have a suiting negligee with it too. The negligee is the piece which gives the warmth and the more classical, luxurious edge for the whole outlook. A silk nightgown is usually sold in a set, together with a negligee or a robe, and sometimes even with an additional , shorter or longer version of the main gown.

Nightgown Materials

Silk Nightgown

Silk Nightgown

Talking about it’s material, a silk nightgown should always be made of silk, but most Silk nightgowns are prepared by the usage of mixed materials, some additional kinds of fabric mixed together with the silk fabric, which are usually chiffon or lace.

As for it’s color, the most famous colors are the pastel colors, as white, soft yellow-white ,  champagne , light pink and the gold and silver shades. For more passionate customers, there are the red, purple and black silk nightgowns. For those preferring the more intense colors or for those who want a whole color wheel of nightgowns, they surely won’t get disappointed as  there is a very wide variety of all shades and all styles on the market.

From the time some pop stars and actresses started to wear silk nightgowns as a proper evening dresses, this movement made the top designers all motivated to have their silk nightgown evening wear collections.

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