Keeping Your Feet Warm With Electric Socks


Ever wonder why we have electric heating devices for sleep? From electric mattresses to electric socks? In the olden days the aristocracies had their household help heat up a bed pan and place it under their mattresses to heat them up during the long cold winter months. In the more recent years we have experienced the miracles of electric heaters and electric blankets that keep us feeling toasty warm all year long. Now we have electric socks in our heat-seeking or keeping arsenal too.

The Invention of the Electric Socks

Keeping Your Feet Warm

Keeping Your Feet Warm

They were first invented in the 1950’s and although their potential was seen the charging technology available back then was limited to the lead batteries which were not rechargeable and were difficult to maintain.

Electric socks are usually utilized by people who spend a great amount of time in cold areas or experience cold weather often.

It is a good way to keep your lower extremities from suffering from hypothermia brought about by the cold.

What are They?

Electric socks look like regular thick socks except for the wire running through them that is used to connect the charger to the battery pack. Of course, these electric wonders are pricier than regular socks but the benefits of acquiring a pair are even greater than the mild discomfort these may cause to your bank account.

These electric socks may not be pretty to look at but they serve their function well and are an invaluable tool for fighting chronic cold feet and hypothermia. For athletes this is a way you can take care of your feet without having to soak them in hot water which could be potentially detrimental in the long run.

We have come a long way from the first attempts at manufacturing and distributing electric socks. It is heartening to think that we now have a relatively safe and convenient way of keeping our feet warm and our bodies well-insulated against the cold.

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