Hold Up Stockings: Traffic Isn’t The Only Thing These Things Will Be Holding Up!


Hold up stockings are one of the most sought-after items in the lingerie department. Why hold ups? They exude sleekness and practicality. Instead of having to buy garters, you have the convenience of one-piece stockings that manage to stay up by themselves.

Nothing is sexier than a woman in full lingerie regalia and hold up stockings are just a small yet vital part of the whole ensemble.

There are many different designs to choose from. Each exudes its own character and unique attributes that attract millions of women to them from school girls to suburban housewives.

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Hold Up Stockings

Hold Up Stockings

Fishnet stockings in particular are popular among the younger set since this allows them to show some skin while still adhering to the spirit of the term ‘cover-up’. There are different patterns to choose from also. Two of the most popular choices are the diamond and the round-holed fishnet patterned hold up stockings.

The sheer hold-ups are popular among professional women as this adds certain classiness to their typical office attire. The popular colors are beige sheers or black. There is also a certain market segment that prefers nude, barely-there hosiery. Just the slightest of shimmers on the leg betrays the presence of the stocking.

There is something mysterious about women who wear sheer stockings. It brings to mind old silent movies about women spies and the dashing men they come across in their travels.

Opaque stockings have been brought back into style by the popular CW television series, Gossip Girl. We see different versions of the hold up stocking as they are used by Blair and her cronies when they go from schoolgirl chic to sassy and elegant members of the New York elite.

In all its different forms, no matter what design, hold up stockings are definitely an important and indispensable part of a woman’s lingerie drawer.

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