Do You Have Knee High Converse Sneakers?


Knee High Converse sneakers, also popularly known as Knee High Chucks, became popular around the 1980s and early ninetees, especially when grunge was the look. However, the Chucks lost popularity for quite some time, giving way to other footwear trends. Around 2003, however, the Knee High Chucks found it’s way back into the fashion scene with everybody wearing it, from middle school students to teen celebrities. Knee high converse are higher than the high tops by 12 eyelets, but you can also fold it down to create a shorter look like that of the Chucks high tops. The side tops which are usually placed anke length on high tops, are higher on the Knee High Converse. There is also an interior patch that can be seen when it is folded.

The Knee High Look

Knee High Converse

Knee High Converse

Knee High Chuck Taylors are now have leather and canvas models. While some look like the traditional knee high, there are newer ones that have a monochrome look. While most interiors are simply canvas, some have feature an alternate color or pattern.

Finding Your Own Knee High Chucks

Because Knee High Converse shoes are usually made in small batches, they tend to sell out easier and faster than other Converse designs. This makes them, especially those with special designs, hard to find. Though it is more popular in Europe and more models are available there, you can easily find and knee high Chucks in the internet. There are plenty of Knee High Converse sellers in auction sites such as Ebay and other sites. And if buying a new one just seems hard on your pocket, then you can also find used and pre loved ones, which are usually a whole lot cheaper than brand new ones.

Wearing Your Knee High Converse

Knee High Converse is extremely versatile and looks good with almost anything, from your regular jeans, to shorts and even mini – skirts. You can wear them laced up all the way, or folded, played up with your favorite bright colored socks or muted ones. The list of possibilities for wearing your Knee High Converse is endless!

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