Slouch Socks: Ode to 80’s Fashion


The first emergence of the slouch socks trend came in the 1980’s. This was a time when mix and match was de rigeur and the more creative you got with your wardrobe, the more noticeable your fashion statement became.

Sock manufacturers cashed in on this trend by creating socks that were thinner than usual to avoid creating too much bunching in the shoes that eventually went over the layered socks.

How do you wear them?

Very Old Slouch Socks

Very Old Slouch Socks

Slouch socks were made to be tight or fitted around the foot area and looser on the top. They could be stretched to the knees or over them or made to rest near the ankles.

In the 80’s, the slouch socks were coordinated with the outfit you had on at the moment. The usual way was to layer two socks on top of each other. The more adventurous ones layered three or more on top of the other.

Slouch socks are making a comeback just like other eighties trends such as leggings and big hair. Ha ha. Just kidding… on the big hair front, that is. Although… the mullet might be making a slight comeback via Kristen Stewart’s new look, which reminds us never underestimate the power of Twilight.

I personally think slouch socks are an awesome innovation, never mind that they’ve been out of stock for the last ten or fifteen years or so.

Eighties style rocks. It was the 90’s grunge that I had a real problem with.

Slouch socks when chosen and used wisely conjure images of cool winter days and fights in the snow. They remind me of having hot chocolate on Christmas Eve and looking forward to the gifts waiting for me under the Christmas tree come morning.

Slouch socks need to come back, never mind that I live in a tropical country– I would wear them.

Photo by ejhogbin.

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