A Player’s Guide to Choosing the Right Softball Socks


Finding the right softball socks is an important task for a softball player. Like finding the right shoes, softball socks can make or break your performance as a player. Your legs and feet, along with your hands and arms are your assets in softball. But your feet and you legs, unlike your arms, go through extreme abuse every time you play. This is why you need the right shoes and the right softball socks while playing. This is to make sure that no matter what happens during the game, the risk for injury stays at a minimum. Softball socks made from strong and durable material are a perfect choice, because is withstands pressure and shock that you get from quick and hard movements during the game.

What Should It Be Made Of?

Softball Socks

Softball Socks

The best material for softball socks are spandex, cotton, wool and acrylic. These materials are highly durable. The choice on what to wear, of course, depends on the material you like, and what you find comfortable. The most popular choice among softball players are acrylic softball socks. This is because acrylic has a comfortable feel and is very durable. It is super absorbent and dries very quickly. Wool is another popular choice, and usually the second choice after acrylic. Wool is very durable and it does not deform easily.

Right Fit and Legnth

Playing softball entails a lot of running and sliding. When you do slide, you’ll want to protect your legs and knees from scraping which is why you need the right fit of socks. Ideally, your softball socks should be long enough to cover your whole legs including a part of your lower thighs. Some players, however, prefer socks that just end below the knee or at the knee. This, again all depends on your preference. You should always remember that the socks need to fit just right. Having socks that are too tight would cut off circulation to the lower extremities, and you do not want this to happen. Having socks that are too loose, on the other hand, means that you have to pull them up all the time – and this can be quite a distraction to the game.

When choosing softball socks, it’s best to try out various (but not so much different in size) softball socks. This way, you can compare and you’ll know the right type, material and legnth that’s best for you.

Photo by Logan Antill.

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