Support Tights: Not Just for Grandmothers


Many, many women will attest to the beauty and unfailing loyalty of support tights. They hide what needs to be hidden, sculpt what wasn’t sculpted in the beginning and give definition and shape to what first appeared to be a formless blob. Support tights, we can’t thank you enough.

Support tights are a god-send for those women who have a great shape hidden under flabby thighs or three children’s worth of love handles. Available in a variety of colors they enhance and love every single curve of our legs and lower torsos making us into the best possible physical version of ourselves that we can be.

Pregnancy Support Tights

Pregnancy Support Tights

Although they used to be ungainly and unfashionable, the hosiery department has experienced a recent upheaval with the entrance of new designs for support tights which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Nylon has never looked this good. The hosiery industry has even created full-body support tights. I don’t know what the dancers who wear them call them but that’s definitely what they look like to me.

Through the years

Support tights make your legs, and as mentioned earlier, your entire body look sleeker and more compact than ever before. Their unfailing sturdiness has served many women around the world and we hope that they will continue to be available to us in the years to come.

Support tights are smooth and silky and make women feel like they can actually do something with their bodies today rather than hide them behind unflattering suits and loose trousers.

Although some may complain at the tight fit, I say try looking at your reflection in the mirror. Try wearing your support tights under that pair of jeans you had trouble fitting into last summer. How does it look on you now?

Support tights. A true secret weapon.

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