Don’t Forget Your Volleyball Socks!


Dressing appropriately for any sports game is a must, especially if you want to play comfortably, and this holds true when playing Volleyball too. You may have your volleyball shorts, tank top or shirt, knee pads and head gear, but do you have your volleyball socks? Generally, volleyball socks tend to be overlooked when it comes to dressing up for volleyball. After all, you can use regular socks, right? That may be the case for most people, but it is important to wear appropriate footwear and socks to any game, and this includes volleyball games.

Why Should You Wear Volleyball Socks?

Volleyball Socks

Volleyball Socks

Your feet, like your hands and arms, are vital body parts in the game of volleyball. That is why it is important to make sure that they are fully protected from the stress and trauma they endure during the game. Like appropriate shoes, wearing the right socks is also an essential because it works hand in hand with your footwear to make sure that your feet are well covered and snuggly protected. Volleyball socks come in different sizes, but the most common are high socks or those that reach above the calf or up to the knees. Volleyball socks are usually made from cotton and nylon and are super soft and absorbent. They come in different designs, from sleek black to pink hearts, all to fit the personality of the wearer and the team.

Other Important Details

Aside from volleyball socks, there are other important items that you also need for your volleyball game. If you are a girl, for example, you need to wear sports bras, or a sports tank with a built in bra. Shirts, right – fitting shorts and shoes are essentials for the game. Headgear such as headbands and sweat – wicking bandanas are also important if sweat tends to get in your eyes. As long as you have these along with your trusty volleyball socks, then you’re good to go – whether you’re in practice, in a tough competition, or are just plain having fun!

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