Water Socks: From Running to Water Sports


Water socks. I don’t understand why they are called water socks. In my day we just called them plain old water booties. Oh. Okay. So they were kind of like socks even then.

What are they?

Water socks are footwear that is used when engaging in aquatic activities as well a range of other sports that may require one to encounter bodies of water. They come in a variety of materials and forms but the general term for this particular aquatic apparel is water socks.

They fit the wearer’s foot snugly and protect from the damp and squishy feeling that hounds most sock wearers after stepping in a puddle or going on a long jog. There are even water socks which are designed to protect the feet from the roughness of the ocean floor.

How do they help you?

Water socks are a good way for athletes to keep their vitals warm and comfortable.

They are also a way to ward off the dreaded athlete’s foot which is actually a result of bad foot hygiene. Yes. Keeping your little toes in the enclosed space of your damp shoes for too long can make that funky smell a permanent addition to your body’s already delightful athlete scent.

Water socks allow your foot to breathe while providing them protection from outside elements. They are like bouncers for your feet.

They keep only the potential bad stuff out.

In all its shapes and forms water socks are a curious yet cool innovation bound for greatness in the athletic world.

Perhaps one day they can even invent an invisible and thinner version of water socks that we women can wear with our killer heels to keep the sweat from making us slip and slide in our footwear and avoid making us look like teetering fools on the brink of falling flat on our faces.

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