Groom Suits: Be a Penguin for a Day


Let’s talk about groom suits. But before that, let’s take a few steps back. You’ve popped the big question and she has accepted your suit. Now what? What happens after you pop the question?

The wedding is set to happen in six months and you are in the throes of planning and working everything out. Your wife-to-be has a distinct advantage over you in this department because although you were the one to technically ask her to get married, she’s had this day planned in her head since she was old enough to say ‘pretty’. She knows what she’s going to be wearing on the big day. What about you though? What’s your groom’s suit going to look like?

The groom’s suits have many variations and each has a distinct quality that sets it apart from other groom suits.

What to choose?

Wedding Groom Suit

Wedding Groom Suit

First, the morning suit, this particular groom suit comes in three pieces. It includes a black tail coat (yes, the dreaded penguin suit), a gray or colored waistcoat and pinstriped-pencil-thin and very flattering– trousers.

You can pair this with a white wing collar if you want to go a bit more formal or a plain white shirt and tie. Traditionally this is worn with a top hat and gloves.

Another good choice among groom suits is the Lounge Suit. This is also a three piece groom suit but is more informal as compared to a morning suit. The jacket has no tails and is cut like a regular business suit but with one button to fasten the jacket in front.

This can be worn with trousers the same color as the jacket and a white wing-collared shirt.

The tie can be used to match or contrast with the color being utilized by the wedding party. A snazzy ascot would be a nice touch

It is important that whatever your choice in groom suit is make sure the bride approves it too. Save yourself the headache.

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