Before Hugo Boss Suits – The Histroy of Your Favorite Designer Brand


Every desiger brand has at least a bit of history. So at least, before you put on your Hugo Boss suits, pants or shoes, you also know something about its history and background. Hugo Boss is one of the most popular designer brands for men, but did you know that aside from it’s colorful history, it was a bit controversial as well? Sure, as consumers and wearers we really don’t need to know about product histrory – but a little peice of information about what you’re wearing can be very interesting. The Hugo Boss company was created shortly after the 1st world war, in 1923. Aplty named Hugo Boss after it’s founder, it began as a little workshop in Germany that created suits – but they weren’t exactly like the Hugo Boss Suits everyone’s so used to now.

Hugo Boss And The War

Hugo Boss Suits

Hugo Boss Suit

During the second world war, Hugo Boss designed the uniforms of the German Army. How about that? The predecessors of your Hugo Boss suits were army suits for Hitler’s men. After the war, however, when army suits were no longer in demand, Hugo Boss started creating worker uniforms, suits and raincoats that were very useful for the working industry. Then from there, Hugo Boss went all out on Men’s Wear.

Hugo Boss and the Suits

The typical (but extremely well designed) designer Hugo Boss suits never really made their debut until the 1950’s. The suit was an extreme hit in Europe, and soon found its way to America. After the huge success of the suit, Hugo Boss has expanded to a shoeline, casual men’s wear, women’s wear and fragrances. And these are the products that we see today, which are very successful too.

Hugo Boss Suits and other items are available all over the world – in more than a hundred three counries and more than five thousand retail stores. So what are you waiting for? Get your Hugo Boss Suit Today!

Photo by The Dilly Lama.

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