All You Need To Know About Karate Suits


Karate is a sport developed in RyuKyu islands. A karate practitioner is called a karateka and the traditional uniform or karate suit is called a karategi or keikogi. The word ‘gi’ is actually the common name of sleepwear in Chinese.

What is a karategi?

The karate suit is sometimes made of a ribbed polyester and cotton mix which allows for ease of use and easy maintenance. Beginners also utilize a 10 oz cotton fabric while advanced users like to use a heavier cotton fabric around 12-14 oz.

The amount of kicking and stretching required in the practice of karate produced the need for greater ease of mobility in the uniform utilized. However, advanced users have found that the heavier karategi has better sweat absorption and cooling properties.

Karate Suits

Karate Suit

Karate suits were developed using the prototype of judo suits. Gichin Funakoshi, the Japanese founder of Shotokan karate, wore a traditional judo outfit when he demonstrated karate in the Kodokan.

The typical karate suit consists of a top half which is a jacket with a ribbed v-neck collar and an obi or belt, the color of which indicates the level of the karateka. The bottom half consists of loose trousers.

The traditional color of a karategi is white. Patches are now added to the jacket according to the regulations set by the particular school or dojo one attends or belongs to. Certain karateka also place an emblem of the US flag on their karategi to portray the country they belong to.

Things to remember before buying a Karate Suit

Before choosing a karategi and purchasing it make sure that you are well-appraised of the uniform related rules and regulations of the dojo that you are planning to attend.

It would be a waste of time and effort if you were to show up in a non-conforming karate suit which would stop you from practicing Karate.

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