Seersucker Suits – How and Where to Wear Them


So you might have one or two seersucker suits in your closet, or you’re considering about buying one – but do you know where and how to wear them? While seersucker suits are extremely causal and comfortable, you want to wear them the whole year round. Because of the light fabric, seersucker suits are a huge mainstay in men’s wardrobes, especially for the summer season. They can be worn for casual events and formal events as well. Wearing one can indeed be tricky, but here are a couple of steps to make sure that you get your look seersucker look just right.

Where To Start

Seersucker Suits

Seersucker Suits

If you already have a seer – sucker suit on hand, then congratulations, you can skip this part. But if you still don’t have one, or if you’re planning to make a purhcase, then you should know where to start. Seersucker suits can be custom-made, or can be purchased off the racks. Having a custom made one assures you that your seersucker suit is hand – crafted, and will sureely fit you just right. Picking one from a clothing shop, on the other hand, can have certain drawbacks, such as the risk of getting shabby craftsmanship and inferior material for your suit.

What to Pair With It

You can wear many types of shirt under a seer-sucker shirt. You can use a white shirt and a striped tie to go with it on the way to the office. But you can also wear a light blue or pink button down shirt too – all depends on your preference. For more causal events, a linen Oxford can set the look immediately. You can pair the office look wit light colored saddle shoes or red – ruber soles. But you can also pair it with low – profile flip flops or sandals. Nothing too attention grabbing like multi – colored straps.

Where To Wear It

There are many places and occasions to wear seersucker suits. You can wear them to the office, to malls, to outdoor weddings, backyard barbeques, beach events and more. With your seersucker suit, the list is virtually endless.

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