Suit Carrier: What Every Traveler Needs


In today’s modern world, going minimal in every way as much as possible is essential. Most especially to travelers and that includes either flying for business or pleasure. And for whatever reason it may be, stuffing and fitting clothes on a luggage is always a problem every traveler encounters. But of course, solution is always on its way. Suit carriers are made even possibly lighter and more manageable to bring, here are some forethought that will guide you to choosing what’s best for you.

Size of Suit Cases

Suit Carrier

Suit Carrier

Ask yourself how long will you be out of town, and by knowing this, you would also be able to anticipate not only what clothes to wear but most importantly, how many garments you should bring. For a weekend get away, a smaller suit bag is available with a standard size that measures up to 38-inch chests and measures 40.0cm x 26.5cm x 2.0cm. For a longer stay, there are also suit carriers that 45.0cm x 32.5cm x 2.0cm and weighs 400g for suits up to 44-inch chests.

Color of the Suit Carrier

Black sports an edgier look than any other color when it comes to luggage carriers. Not only is the color a can-bring-anywhere-anytime but for cleanliness purpose, it brings less attention to the spots where dirt lodged especially if it wasn’t washed for a couple of months. Bold prints and bright colors can also be used for a more fashionable and trendier look.

Aside from what’s already mentioned, wrinkle free packing suit carriers with foams are best advised. A suit carrier that prevents creases on your suits and garments also comes in a wide variety and you can always shop online for your own personal preferences. It is not necessary that it should be expensive but what’s rather more important is that it serves its purpose and that’s to keep your clothes scanty and easier to bring.

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