Mastectomy Swimwear: Think Pink!


What is a Mastectomy? A mastectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of one or both breasts. This is one of the avenues of treatment available to women with cancer or other breast impairments. And this needs the right mastectomy wear or that matter.

What happens after?

This can cause a great deal of trauma to the patient and although there is now hope for restoration of the breast through plastic surgery, some women are still unable to cope with this new change. One of the main concerns is the fear they have of their lack of desirability after having such a vital part of themselves severed from their bodies.

They begin to dread going out in revealing attire choosing instead to hide their bodies away under loose, ill-fitting clothing. Mastectomy swim wear was developed with this particular fear in mind.

Think Pink!

Pink Mastectomy Swimwear

Pink Mastectomy Swimwear

The Breast Cancer Movement has rallied its supporters around a single pink ribbon meant to symbolize the hope for recovery and rehabilitation after a fight with breast cancer. Mastectomy swim wear is one way women can start to regain their confidence and resume the activities they enjoyed before breast cancer entered their lives.

Mastectomy swim wear is specially designed to fit the needs of women who wear prosthetics in their chest area. They also make allowances in shaping and forming a woman’s torso so that she is in the best possible shape that she can be in after being sick.

Mastectomy swim wear is usually in the form of a one-piece suit with a high neck and smaller openings for the arms and legs. Since most women will be self-conscious enough without having to check whether her worldly goods are on display for all and sundry this is a good way to ease women into baring some skin again without traumatizing them further.

So think pink and don’t be afraid to go out there and live your life again. With mastectomy swim wear, you definitely can.

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