Modest Swimsuits: They’re Out There Somewhere!


Swimsuits and Modesty… these are two words that seem to be complete polar opposites in this day and age. So, are there really modest swimsuits? Modest swimsuits seem nearly impossible to come by, what with the proliferation of bikinis and monokinis in the market.

Most women also prefer to bare their proverbial souls rather than cover up during an outing to the beach. Even the dangers of overexposure and developing skin cancer are not enough to dissuade avid beach goers from wearing as little as possible during their trips to the seaside.

Modest Swimsuit

Modest Swimsuit

However, if one is diligent enough, there are still stores that offer modest swimsuits that serve their function without acting as gaudy showpieces.

If bikinis are not your cup of tea, but one-piece swimsuits are even less of a draw, perhaps a tankini would be best for you. There are even versions that come with snug-fit boy shorts rather than the typical string bikini bottoms.

Tankinis are modest without being too over-the-top in the revealing attire department. For bottoms there are a myriad of options available to you. From girly ruffles to boyish shorts… there are a lot of ways one can incorporate modesty in swim wear

Model Mum

Modest swimsuits are especially in demand in places where there are community swimming pools. There is nothing worse than being checked out in a place where you go with your children to relax and have fun.

Modest swimsuits are also advisable for women who have stretch marks in unfortunate areas of their body. You can still look great without sacrificing fashion and have fun around the local watering hole to boot

Don’t be afraid of exploring the options available to you. Just because modest swimsuits don’t usually make it to the fashion runway doesn’t mean they aren’t out there and that real women don’t use them every day.

Have fun!

Photo by Alaskan Dude.

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