Modest Swimwear: Sexy Yet Subtle


There are really people who can pull off wearing bathing suits that would reveal their hour glass figures or even otherwise, and that is really something we all take hat off to. But for most of us who can’t, you’d be relieved to know that modest swimwear is back in the forefront of swimsuit fashions.

Definitely there can be nothing sexier when we leave something more to the imagination, and while this also holds true to our swim wear. There’s no suit that can totally hide all our body’s imperfection but the modest swimwear is simpatico to our flaws.

Modest Swimwear

Modest Swimwear

Since modest swimwear provides a better coverage to our body than any other suits, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be sexy on it anymore. Here are a few style suggestions to work your way and be stunning during summer.

Board shorts– contrary to the belief that it’s only for surfers, you can now think again! This looks good on both sexes so basically everyone can wear them. For halter and tankini top lovers, you can pair those with these trunk style bottoms for a more laid down look.

Sarongs- probably the most popular cover ups wherever you are. Can be used as either shawl or skirts but make sure that the color complements with the top.

Swim dress– This covers the legs from mid to lower thigh and are mostly adjustable. Really stylish!

Accessories- Aside from making sure that bold colors and prints are used, accessories completes the attire. Wearing different accessories with the modest swimwear like loop earrings, huge necklaces and bangles completes your look and surely nothing can be sexier. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses for the summer sun!

It doesn’t really matter which styles you go for to pair with your modest swimwear because there are a lot of swimsuits out there that fits your style and taste, what’s important is that you create a look that’s uniquely yours which reveals your true beauty and will make you feel good. Confidence is the key!

Photo by bobster1985.

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