Swimsuit Coverups: Best Kinds of Swimsuit Cover-ups


Nothing is more exciting than flaunting your newest bathing suit during summer in the beach or in the swimming pool. But then even the most confident beach lovers still get intimidated sometimes because there are body parts we rather not want to get exposed. Thus, people should be thankful for swimsuit cover-ups which are a huge aid to this dilemma! And while there is also a wide variety of a swimwear coverup that we can choose from, here are some of the best kinds of swimsuit cover-ups available that are trendy and modest at the same time.

Tunic – Swimwear Coverups #1

Swimsuit Coverup

Swimsuit Coverup

This is by far the most fashionable among all the swimsuit cover-ups. Tunics are usually long tops that hit the middle thigh and is normally of lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen. These tops are usually sheer. Tunics have sleeves so it will help in hiding the unwanted fats in the arm area and since it is loose, the problem areas on the hips are also concealed. Pair it with a fashionable hat and a flip flop and you’ve created a summer look that’s more than ready to mingle. What’s nice about tunics is that this swimsuit cover-up can also be worn anywhere like during partying or shopping, you just have to use the right kind of footwear and you’re good to go!

Sarongs – Bathing Suit Coverups #2

Among the different types of bathing suit  coverups, the classic sarong has never run out of fashion. Not only are it’s uses multi purpose but it also comes in different bright colors and designs that you can think of. Since the sarong is also worn with a tie, it fits basically everyone and even gives the wearer a silhouette statement.

Sundress – Swimsuit Cover Up #3

This swimsuit cover-up can be short, long, sleeveless, halter or in any other way you can think of. It’s best for people who want to dress up a little while remaining covered up. Not only are these swimsuit cover-up economical, but it is also lightweight so it’s easy to bring and it’s really nice and girly.

Almost every shop that sells swimsuit also stocks swimsuit cover-ups so choose the one that’s just right for you.

Photo by ohannacatharine.

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