Army Dress Blues: A Snazzy New Look for Our Nation’s Heroes


In the army, there are stringent rules and regulations that need to be followed for behavioral conduct, military procedure and even attire. The brand new Army Service Uniforms or Army Dress Blues is the most recent development on the dress uniform front.

Where did it come from?

This was developed using the traditional uniform color used by the American rebels during the war with the British army who were then clad in bright crimson. Army dress blues replaced the original standard issue white and green uniforms previously used.

The name was taken from the navy blue color used for the military wear. The attire is more formal and is usually used when attending Military galas or other official events requiring military dress.

Fashion-forward military

Army Dress Blues

Army Dress Blues

The new style is a lot more eye-catching and pleasing to look at compared to the older styles and color choices. Since blue, aside from the more utilized white, is the color most associated with serenity and peace it is also symbolic of the hope most military have of future peace in the world.

Army dress blues are also easier to maintain compared to the clinical white garb that was used before. Not that military-issued garb is required to be anything but perfect every single day… but I’m sure military wives are thankful that Army dress blues have become the standard outfit for their active husbands. Even female military personnel and officers will be clad in this new fashion.

The new army dress blues are more festive in nature while still maintaining an air of dignity and respectability. In this time of uncertainty we need more than ever before true heroes we can look up to and depend on for our safety and security. The new army dress blues will help cement the image of them in our minds as pillars of strength and patriotism.

Photo by noelweathers.

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