How To Make Sure Your Beauty Uniforms Stay Beautiful


Beauty uniforms, like any other uniforms, are clothes than need to be worn to work daily. With that, how can you make sure that your beauty uniforms stay in top shape? Working in a beauty center or salon requires a lot of effort on your part. Because your job is to help other people promote and enhance their beauties, then you too should look beautiful as well. And nothing kills a beautiful overall look like stained or damaged shirt or pants. Your make up, hair and nails can be impecabble, but your uniform may not be, and this takes the whole picture apart. Learning how to take good care of your clothes isn’t only great for your beauty uniforms – but also for all your other clothes.

Buy Multiple  Beauty Uniform

Beauty Uniforms

Beauty Uniforms

If you work in a beauty salon or spa for the whole week, make sure that you have multiple beauty uniforms. Two or three uniforms to wear alternately can very much save your uniforms from constant wear and tear. And you can be sure that you have enough clean beauty uniforms to go around the whole week. Imagine not having the time to do the laundry when you come home from work and being forced to wear your beauty uniform to work the next day. Washing your uniform in the machine everyday will most likely reduce its life, too.

Read The Labels

Clothes come with labels that tell you how to properly take care of your clothes. If the label says machine wash cold – you’re not going to use warm water, right? Follow the instructions and wash settings and your uniform will be okay.

Assess Damage and Repair Immediately

This speaks for physical damages and stains alike. Repair any damage and attend to stains immediately. If you are still at work and cannot do this immediately, make sure it is the first thing you do when you get home. Make sure that you know basic stitching methods and stain removing techniques (lemons, vinegar, bleaches and the like).

Taking care of your beauty uniforms is easy as one, two and three. There are just simple and basics steps that you need to bear in mind, and when you follow these, you can be sure that your beauty uniforms stay in beautiful shape.

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