Cheerleading Clothes: A Trip Down Cheerleader Lane…


We’ve come a long way from the long plaid skirts and long-sleeved sweaters emblazoned with the school colors and pictures of mascots that used to be the typical cheer leading clothes. Today cheerleading clothes come in a variety of cuts, colors and sizes that range from deceptively revealing to outright flamboyant.

Competitions have seen cheerleading clothes packed with feathers, sequins and other glittery, shimmery accessories that would put the proudest of drag queens to shame. And don’t get me started on the make-up. Or war paint- as many would prefer to call it.

Although short skirts are still popular in many high school cheer leading competitions and game performances, national cheer leading competitions have seen the rise of the body suit. Think of Catwoman’s outfit only more colorful and not made of leather.

Precision and Aerodynamics… It’s all in the outfit!

Cheerleading Girl Clothes

Cheerleading Girl Clothes

Cheerleading clothes are designed to improve aerodynamic ability and ease of mobility. It makes sense that the body suit is a popular choice for many die-hard cheer leading squads out there. Not to mention it is easier to coordinate men’s and women’s costumes if they are designed in a similar fashion. Somehow, seeing men in short skirts would, in my opinion, inspire more reactions of hilarity rather than the aimed-for reaction of excitement.

Cheer leading is a sport that requires it athletes to be precise and rehearsed in their movements and routines. Non-compliance with a set routine could spell massive injuries or even death for those foolish enough to ignore the rules as well the ones unlucky enough to get caught in the middle.

Cheerleading clothes make it easier for athletes to regulate their movements and come up with routines that are risky without being too dangerous to execute. Imagine trying to perform a flip in mid-air while dressed in constricting jeans?

Proper cheer leading clothes are essential in ensuring the safety of the cheerleaders.

Photo by Monica’s Dad.

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