Cheerleading Pom Poms: A Cheerleader’s Best Friend


It’s all about the Pompoms! What would a cheerleader be without her trusty cheerleading pompoms? Cheerleading pompoms might look silly and frivolous, but in a cheerleader’s hands they shimmer and sparkle and help bring about a festive feeling sure to inject energy and zest into a crowd.

Cheer leading pompoms are especially important in large stadiums where the people on field are minuscule and hard to identify. If you’re a tiny cheerleader surrounded by large football players, wouldn’t you want that extra ammunition at your side? Cheer leading pompoms are your best attention-grabbing bet. Face it… war paint can only take you so far.

Cheerleading Pom Poms

Cheerleading Pom Poms

Cheer leading pompoms are also another way to hammer your school colors into the collective audience psyche. Color coordination is an important tool and the theme repetition helps bring about a sense of harmony and unity thus helping to unite the spectators and other attendees under a common banner.

Why Pompoms?

Cheer leading pompoms are usually made out of shiny metallic paper cut and taped together to form a sort of ball with an easy to grip handle. Batons are another cheer leading tool but they don’t have as much star mileage as pompoms do. Batons are thrown around and twirled. Pompoms can be thrown in the air, make cool rustling sounds, shake with the slightest motion and reflect light. They are way cooler than batons.

There are a lot of cheer leading retail stores online that offer a wide variety of ready pompoms. If there is no time to create your own, this could be another option to consider. The online stores have plastic cheer leading pompoms as well as the ones I mentioned above that are made of metallic paper. There are even holographic pompoms available.

Cheerleaders are nothing without their trusty pompoms by their side. If dogs are man’s best friend then cheer leading pompoms are a cheerleader’s best friend.

Photo by SD Dirk.

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