How to Keep Chef Jackets Sparkling White


Being in the kitchen is messy business; chef jackets are very hard to keep sparkling white. Getting food and liquid stains on your chef jacket is always expected when you are in the kitchen, but that does not mean that it has to be that way. Cleanliness when handling food is very crucial, and that cleanliness extends to what you’re wearing, from your chef jacket down to your shoes. But since most chef clothing are usually white, it can be a bit difficult to remove stains from them. Here are a couple of simple ideas for you to keep your chef jacket clean.

Clean Early the Chef Jacket

Chef Jackets

Chef Jackets

Clean your chef jacket as soon as possible, and that means right when you arrive home.

Use the necessary soaps or detergents appropriate for your chef uniform. While bleach may be a good idea for treating whites, that may not be very great for chef jackets with colored piping. However, there are bleach pens available and can be used directly on the stains/spots without damaging colored piping.

Buy Aplenty

Buying plenty of cheap chef jackets is a good idea. A chef jacket wears out much faster when used everyday, so having a couple to use alternately is a good idea. Also, some stains might require overnight soaking, and you don’t have the luxury of doing that when you only have one chef  to wear everyday. If you have to mingle with guests don’t like the idea of meeting them wearing cheap chef jackets, you can keep one good one on hand to wear out of the kitchen, but still wear the cheap one for cooking.

Keeping chef apparel clean and white while cooking near impossible, and cleaning them properly can be very difficult. But wearing one that’s clean and sparkling looking gets nods from everyone, making it worth the effort – all the time.

Photo by aline salazar.

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