Girl Scout Uniform: A Tool For International Relations


Let’s get down to business – you’ve probably seen a girl in a girl scout uniform. Yes, that’s a girl scout right there. A girl scout is a young, impressionable female child who has been gulled into thinking that collecting badges and brownie points and selling cookies are normal All-American pastimes. But do you really think that’s what draws them in? Don’t be too quick to judge. Have you seen the uniforms on these girls? Girl Scout uniforms are the ultimate in fashion and comfort.

Why are they so charming?

Girl Scout uniforms are cute as heck. There are plenty of options out there, although the general idea is that you start at the very beginning and work your way up to the different levels.

This is like the role-playing games little boys are find of playing only when the girl scouts level up they get badges and new clothes.

Girl Scout Uniform

Girl Scout Uniform

First, there is the Daisy vest and tunic with matching shirt and shorts. This is for beginner girl scouts.

Next, there is the Girl Scout brownie vest plus long-sleeved undershirt or the equally chic Brownie Girl Scout Sash. Both Girl Scout uniforms are meant for second-level girl scouts or brownie scouts.

The Girl Scout Junior vests and sashes are green and they are worn with short-sleeved collared polo shirts and beige shorts.

The Cadette/Senior/Ambassador vest and sash are beige in color and are worn with white collared blouses and either beige shorts/pants or long skirts.

On any stage…

Girl Scout uniforms can be seen on girls in the city, the suburban sidewalks as well as those on the forest trails. The uniforms transcend color, creed and race as Girl Scouts from all over the world flock together with the same uniform, in recognition of their common interests and goals rather than the differences that might have kept them apart.

Girl Scout Uniforms may not be required by the Girl Scouts Association, but they function as the marker by which Girl Scouts can identify their fellows and open new avenues of communication that may not have existed otherwise.

Photo by korvinkreations.

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