Spa Uniforms – What Your Spa Attendants Should Wear


In Spa and Wellness centers, ambiance and presentation is always the key. People come there to relax and unwind, that is why interiors, furniture, lighting, and even the employee’s spa uniforms have to be pleasing to the eyes. What adds to class in world class spas is because they take even the most minute details into consideration. And since beauty attendants are the people closely dealing with spa clients, it is imperative that their spa uniforms and over – all look is spotless and polished. A well designed spa uniform can make or break any beauty therapist, and also the over-all look of any spa.


In Spa

In Spa

Most beauty uniforms have crisp fine lines that exude elegance, and are clean to look at. Tunics and Trousers and Suits for men, are typical choices for upscale spas. Trousers and scrubsuits are also commonly used. Like most uniforms, spa uniforms are easy to care for, and are usually made of polyester and cotton fabrics. Most designs are seamless and frill free – to give that clean look. The typical spa uniform should have slits, vents and pockets. Most spa uniform tops are short sleeved, to avoid them from getting caught or wet during spa treatments.


While good fit is important, the spa uniform should also be loose enough to allow smooth movement for treatments such as scrubbing and massaging. Proper fit means that the uniform should be loose enough for movement, but fit enough so as not to look baggy and shabby.


Most spas and wellness center beauty therapists wear mute colored spa uniforms. This is because muted colors, along with the dim lights in the spa, help clients and spa – goers to relax. Drastic prints and vibrant hues are usually avoided so as not to provide any kind of distraction to the client.

Other Items

While some spas require hair nets for their therapists, it is not usually common. Matching hair clips or bows can be used to create that coordinated look that excudes class. Since therapists are usually on their feet during treatments, footwear is important. High heels are usually avoided to give way to no-slip shoes and clogs.

While service is the most important aspect in spa and wellness centers, spa uniforms should also not be forgotten. A carefully chosen ensemble can help add flair to any spa on any given day.

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